BY DOMINIC KIDZU. Muhammadu Buhari may yet end  his Presidency like Emperor Nero, who Tacidus records as playing the fiddle while Rome burned for six days. Emperor Nero was decadent and widely unpopular, so is Buhari, except in the most illiterate quarters of Northern Nigeria. While Emperor Nero spent his […]

By: Chidi Onyemaizu (SSA) PRINT MEDIA to GOV. AYADE. As is always the case with trailblazers and foresighted leaders, Governor Ben Ayade has yet been vindicated the same way he was, when push came to shove, proved right on his COVID-19 postulations. Just yesterday, the federal government borrowed wholesale, his […]

By: Lasisi Olagunju “For what is wedlock forced but hell, An age of discord and continual strife Whereas the contrary bringeth bliss And is a pattern of celestial peace.” -William Shakespeare, 1 Henry VI NINE hundred and sixty six (966) days from today, President Muhammadu Buhari will end his reign […]