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By: ©David Bishop Agabi.


The anointing of God upon a man at any given period or season is to help his people or see them through a precarious situation. This may not necessarily be that the chosen leader is the best among all the people, 1 Sam 9: 17.


The ascendancy of Senator Benedict Bengiuorshuye Ayade to the exalted position of Governor in 2015 epitomized the aforementioned statement, though some argue that his rise was necessitated by the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, undocumented agreement of the rotation of political power among the 3 Senatorial Districts and the provoked and uncoordinated anger by former Governor, Liyel Imoke on his perceived political enemies within Cross River.

To buttress the two points, close Aides of former Governor Liyel Imoke and some senior politicians revealed that the former number one man, Imoke, was bent on ceding the seat of the governor to Cross River North in fulfilment of his campaign promise and conscience.


Having acknowledged this stance, some Cross River elites the likes of Senator Ndoma Egba, Donald Duke and others led a delegation to former President Goodluck Jonathan and introduced Prince Goddy Jeddy Agba while Imoke was on medical vacation abroad; this angered Imoke upon his return that he outrightly rejected JD Agba hence the need for another person which led to Ayade’s emergence.


However, whatsoever undertone or intrigue that plays in favour of Ayade, one will naturally say it wasn’t because he was the best from Obudu or Northern Cross River nor a function of his wealth, academic prowess, political connections or wisdom.


For me, Governor Ayade should have known better that his rapid elevation was God’s’ purpose and plan given that the State needed a leader that would effect spiritual cleansing of all occultic and satanic influence of Anansa, and other voodoo cult groups in the State; whereas, cultism activities got increased astronomically.


Another of his mandate was to settle communities that have wasted so much blood in the guise of communal wars and demarcate the boundaries appropriately, the last was to develop and grow the socio-economic and political status of the State as well as provide job opportunities and favourable environment for businesses to thrive, but instead, he destabilised the public and civil service system and wreck the forest of valuable resources, promoted a new phenomenon, Food on the Table (a bourgeoisie agenda).


Failure in yielding to his major mandate got the people frustrated and provoked God to anger,1 Sam 13:13.


Dr Ayade ( later Professor Ayade) should understand that he wasn’t better than the likes of Mr Emmanuel Ibeshi, Hon. Larry Odey, Mr Mike Upan Aniah, Barr Venatius Ikem, Mr Patrick Ugbe, Prince Gody Jeddy Agba, Legor Edagbor, Dr Pual Adah(late), Frank Adah and others to be so chosen.


Ayade of all people should have been humble seeing that it was God’s grace and a privilege to be so lifted, instead, he became autocratic and bestowed himself all kinds of titles.


To climax the whole episode, what happened to him on the 25th day of February 2023 (failing a senatorial bid) suggests that God has left him.


God see his heart and intention and knew it wasn’t going to help the people of Northern Cross River hence the need to allow him to fail, it’s obvious he intended to perpetuate poverty on others while he remains the only wealthy person.


His intention is evil on three fronts:

1. Become a senator and block the chances of other Obudu people dreaming to become a senator in the next 12 or 16 years.

2. Amass huge wealth for himself and his family while others languish in destitution and lack.

3. Make other Local Governments within Cross River North hate the Obudu people intensely.


The future of Obudu politics elucidates hope on 25 February 2023 after Ayade failed to retire to the Upper Chambers of the National Assembly.


Summarily, for now, take a rest, Mr Knight of Saint John, KSJ, maybe God may change His mind toward you with time. Meanwhile, at the moment endeavour to learn tolerance, interpersonal relationship, humility, a teachable spirit, honesty, peace, endurance and most importantly the fear of God.


Give a chance to other young promising Obudu children irrespective of social standing, family name, class, academic height in politics, career, education, business etc.


Learn how to accept advice, for genius learn from the unlearned, rescind from the idea that you know it all and others are fools.


Come home (Kakum) often, and sit with your people and hear them talk to you, eat and drink with them, and visit your childhood friends. listen more and talk less.


Don’t brag about your Professorship or intelligence because the hatred against you is so intense.


If you care heed my advice, if you don’t, reject it, all I care is God has rejected you, at least for now and know that Jarigbe Agom Jarigbe is not your enemy but yourself.


©David Bishop Agabi.                                 Is a Journalist, Political Analyst based in Abuja.

Amawu Cletus Albert Amawu

I'm a Journalist, Host/Producer of The Verdict, your voice of conscience on FAD FM 93.1, Calabar, Public Affairs Commentator, Social Change Agent.

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