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In barely 4days, Nigerians, nay Ikom/Boki Federal Constituency will go to the polls to elect their representatives on Saturday 25 of February, 2023, in the General Election.

And the good thing about this, is the alternative opportunity provided by the Labour Party, which has thrown up the emergence of Peter Obi/Datti Baba Ahmed ticket, OCHANG Alvin Ochang of the Ikom/Boki Federal Constituency and other candidates across the country.

Therefore, it’s important as citizens to take advantage of the opportunity to elect the right leaders with political will who can create transformation in society and turn around the future of the people for the better, considering their ability and capability, competence and character, integrity, party and their association to make a difference and add value to change society.

On this premise, our binocular (sight) should be the Ikom/Boki Federal Constituency, hence the underdevelopment as a result of our representatives in the past years that leaves much to be desired.

Who is a Political leader and the qualities to qualify as one; and what is leadership?

Leadership is the ability of an individual to lead, inspire, and guide to transform other individuals, groups, organisations or society for a good cause; deploying management skills, which is doing things right; and leadership, which is doing the right things-Peter Drucker. (emphasis, mine.)

Who is a political leader?

A political leader is an elected public servant, having been voted and saddled with the responsibility to champion the cause of those he represent to better their lives and society.

And like Franklin D. Roosevelt, put it,
“The future lies with those wise political leaders who realize that the great public is interested more in Government than in Politics.”

A political leader requires ‘statesmanship’; as opposed to just being a ‘politician’ – this means having the integrity and willingness to stand up for what is right, no matter the consequences.

It’s worthy to note that, our leaders are a reflection of us, because we voted them and that’s why, Mark Skousen says, “We shall never change our political leaders until we change the people who elect them.”

Our civic responsibilities is to choose the best representative amongst the choices before us without biases and sentiments, hence the determinant of our growth.

Not surprising our Ikom/Boki Federal Constituency political representatives have in the past says, “They are going to do one thing while they intend to do another. Then they do neither what they said nor what they intended.”

And this is why the choice of Mr. OCHANG Alvin Ochang comes handy and readily to rewrite our ugly past and champion a new cause for a “new Nigeria,” that is possible with Peter Obi/ Datti Baba Ahmed through the Labour Party.

The Alvin we know and as our leader will be more capable to take decisions that will determine our future for the better, his will power as strength will manage and rectify burning issues and importantly stand up for what is right.

Alvin, will not be worried about position, power and authority, but will work for our growth as a Federal Constituency for the value of his constituents on the virtues of discipline, trust, courage, humaneness and intelligence. Accountability, transparency, availability and integrity

He’s a thorough breed with ethics and principles, with the fear of God, which is why, he has put himself up for service to the good people of Ikom and Boki. He will always be on top of everyone’s mind because he will be in the news always for the right purpose, as he’s ready to go.

Alvin will provide effective, liberative, responsive, and responsible representation that will propelled him manage power, distribute economic resources equitably, build relationships with stakeholders to facilitate development and make laws that will have great impact on the well-being of all. He will work for all, regardless of political parties and opinions to achieve the greatest good for the Federal Constituency.

Alvin’s transformational leadership will bring social change to overcome social problems for the goodness of society. He will respect the people voices and listen to their plights.
He will inspire and motivate the people to create wealth.
He has visualize the people needs from different angles and his emphasis on the importance as succinctly captured in his “My Contract Document’PACT’,” with the people of Ikom/Boki Federal Constituency, thus:
✓Educational Support/Development. ✓Peace/Security.
✓Agricultural Development/Support. ✓Infrastructural Support/Development.
✓Human Capital Devt/Management. ✓Social Welfare Devt.
✓Sports Devt/Entrepreneurship.

It’s on this note that our Federal Constituency, Ikom/Boki will be remembered because of the docile representatives we have in the past and transformational we’ll want to present on Saturday 25 February, 2023, that will shape our future for exceptional social phenomenon in our choice of OCHANG Alvin Ochang of the Labour Party.


Amawu Cletus Albert Amawu

I'm a Journalist, Host/Producer of The Verdict, your voice of conscience on FAD FM 93.1, Calabar, Public Affairs Commentator, Social Change Agent.

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