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By: Remi Oyèyemí.
I supported the removal of GEJ from office, but not for once did I support Mohammadu Buhari as his replacement. I knew Buhari would be a disaster. He proved me right beyond my expectations. Internet never forgets. It has the evidences of my position.
In the annals of History, the only way the achievement of a ruler or Government is measured, is the WELFARE OF THE PEOPLE.
If we use this same criterion to assess both GEJ and PMB, Jonathan has every reason to walk with his shoulder high. He has every reason to laugh at his enemies and detractors. He has every reason to thank his God for fighting on his behalf, shaming those who demonized him and bringing them to a worse shame.
Anyone with a modicum of intellect could do a comparative analysis of the price of things. You could begin with rice, beans, elubo and Gaari. Then you could come to pms, kerosene, diesel and the rest. Hold out the value of naira and then you would realise the plague that Buhari is.
Let us get away from the propaganda of the APC and their neophyte supporters who are drunk from the poisonous pot of putrid partisan porridge. They are inebriated by weird loyalty to a dazzling dullard from Daura and could not understand the difference in being loyal to their country as opposed to a destructive crowd of rapacious locusts euphemised as APC.
The PDP were just pick-pockets. These APC are heartless armed robbers and bandits, who are trying to force us to be grateful for messing up the country. Can you imagine!
The kind of false propaganda deployed by the APC to demonize GEJ has put to shame the Goebbelian school of thought. It was the kind the world has never witnessed. There is no name in the book GEJ was not called.
Almost six years after, they are still engaged in their self-glorifying falsehood, attacking GEJ who was far better than them and blaming him for there own greed, incompetence and visiolessness.
The worse part of it, through which they are pouring insults on our injuries,  is their engagement in historical revisionism. They are trying to maul our memories of what was and what is, hoping that they could still use the same false propaganda to make us accept a situation we detest.
But nothing is more evidential than the daily agonies on our streets, the hunger, want and poverty in the crannies of the country and the breaking down of law and other.
Though, they have every right to open their mouths and yell their lies about the tragedy they have brought to bear on Nigerians, Nigerians also are at liberty to push back on the fatuous propaganda of theirs and speak to the realities of their experiences.
It is okay if these APC members and their heartless leaders have no shame, but they have failed to sear our consciousness and our consciences.
They have failed woefully.
Right now, GEJ looks draped in a beautiful garment of vindication and last laugh. His omissions in the office, not withstanding. His era represents LIGHT in comparison to the Buhari’s DARKNESS that has engulfed Nigeria.
Let no one be misguided, misinformed and misled. Many of us have been deceived enough.
Thank you.
© Rèmí Oyèyemí.

Amawu Cletus Albert Amawu

I'm a Journalist, Host of The Verdict, your voice of conscience on FAD FM 93.1, Calabar, an Administrator, Activist and Social Change Agent.

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