Start Investing, Do Not Depend On One Source Of Income, Russia Based Agency To Cross Riverains

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A Russia based international organization brought into Nigeria by Kalinka, in partnership with Don Napo has advised young Cross Riverains to start investing in business than completely depend on one source of income to increase their economic security and well being.

Stating this in a workshop, the facilitator Mr. Darlington Edim, who was standing in for the foreign organizers, explained that “for a community to make better financial decisions for themselves, their families and the society there is a great need for its members to understand what financial literacy is all about.”

Saying that “it is the possession of set skills and knowledge that allows individual to make informed and effective decisions with all of their financial resources and how to maximize asset and income and reducing liabilities.”

Edem, CHairman Association of Cross RIver Online Journalists (ACROJ) posited that the reason why there are a lot of liabilities is because a hug percentage of the population choose to sell out their time to someone’s business than thinking on investing in their own ideas.

“You must not depend on one source of income, you must increase your financial knowledge by getting professional relevant advisory services.” He said.

Stressing further that people should specialized and ventured in areas of their interest that will enable them excel, for this purpose the agency embark on the workshop to enable young minds discover their potentials, utilized them effectively and stay in business for a very long time.

The workshop gave participants opportunity to interact, ask questions as well as means of sourcing funds for growing a business.

Culled from CrossRiverWatch

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